Challenge Day 23

So, last night Snake did finish his wrapping if you didn’t see the tweet.  His “reward” was 55 minutes to give me as many O’s as he could to improve our ratio.  The ratio determines when his next O is.  The results?  He managed 36 and upped the ratio to 60:1, in my favor, of course….  As for what his ratio has to be–that will have to remain a mystery for now.

Today’s challenge is tied to yesterday.  I feel like it’s only fair for him to have some fun too.  He will be uncaged today and he needs to be edged 36 times by the end of the day either by him or me.  He will be tweeting out his progress during the day in the form of total completed/36 so you can keep track.

Happy Friday and happy #boobday!

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