Sinful Sunday #18–Do You Want to Play a Game?

Over the Thanksgiving holidays we had family here from out of town so we had a couple of family game nights.  Not our usual brand of games.  So, thought that we would pull out the cards and have a good old-fashioned game of Strip Poker…  Guess who ended up with the winning hand?


Be sure to see who else is being sinful by clicking below:

Sinful Sunday

29 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #18–Do You Want to Play a Game?”

  1. What an amazing picture. The narrative is excellent and I love that the cards in the foreground are blurred and all the focus is on the stakes and your (scantily clad!) opponent. (I can’t play poker to save myself – I don’t think I’ve EVER won a hand when I’ve been talking into it …) Jane xxx

  2. Ha! Nice shot. Another version of this I played at a party, was clothespin poker. Everyone who lost had to attach a clothespin somewhere on their body.

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