H is for Hot

Peeking outside, the breeze is blowing the trees. The desert has a way of holding its breath when it is hot and dry. It is like the trees make their leaves just a bit smaller to conserve water and be less visible to the sun. The animals are out only early morning and dusk unless they can survive in the dark.

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Motivation, Chastity and Life

I have said it before – I love the ways that all of this thing we do can be done. Flavors of a theme, different “levels” or activities, different approaches. All of it so finely tuned to what works for you and your partners, it’s pretty cool that there is this assumption that “well, yeah. There’s this thing, but you have to figure out the details for you in what you like.

Take the good ol’ chastity cage, for example. There’s everything from “rivet that sucker in place” to “we use it for play time” and none is better than any other. It’s what works for you.

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