When Stuff Gets Real, It Takes a Team

I often have regrets after play time.  But not maybe what you’d think.  I often want more.  I wanted to give more.  I have a lot of “that wasn’t so bad, now was it?  Why’d you struggle with it so?”

You know this.  You know it takes challenging not limits that are set between us, but limits in my head.  You’ve done it many times.  You’ve shown that there’s nothing to fear… well, ok.  Fear is good at times, it’s all a part of it.  But nothing to mortally worry about anyway.

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15 minutes.

Have you ever wondered if you could maintain something for 15 minutes if the stakes were high enough, that you weren’t used to lasting that long unrelentingly?  How’s that for a question?

Well, I’ve thought about it.  I mean, not unprompted, of course.  The prompting comes from you…

You sit down, cozying up next to me with this grin on your face.  “We’re going to give you a test today!” is how you open the challenge.  “Do you have a favorite metronome speed?

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But that would be too easy…

It’s been a really long day and as we’re just sitting chatting, you keep talking, but stand up and do this extremely slow, deliberate undressing.  If you were only listening to what’s going on, you’d not even realize something had changed; you keep up the conversation, you keep asking questions, the whole bit.

But if I stop to watch, or make any indication that I “notice” (puhleaze, not something I will miss), you stop and just look at me until it’s back to normal. Then you move forward… button by agonizing button.  Untucking, undressing, even throwing in some gyrating…

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