R is for Rafting

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror movies or haunted houses. We watch scary movies and will go to a pumpkin patch from time to time. We did what wasn’t even supposed to be a haunted house at Universal Studios many years back. It was a walkthrough of The Mummy. That pretty well finished me from things like that. Apparently the actors aren’t supposed to touch you, but the ones that were there didn’t get the memo. Uh…nope.

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T is for Tasty

In case you haven’t figured this out from Twitter and blog posts, Snake and I love wine. And one of our favorites things to do when we travel is do wine tastings. This isn’t really possible right so we decided to try a virtual one through a liquor store chain.

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D is for Dice… again… but different.

We walk out to the car for date night and, just after I hold your door for you to get in the car, you look up at me, flash this over-the-top cartoonish innocent look, and tell me “oh, shoot. I forgot. Could you please go grab your dice?


I start to ask questions, but before I can do anything more than take in a breath, you look at me, put your finger to your lips, and “shhhhhh….”

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