My Way

Today marks 10 years since my mom died. It weirdly seems like it was yesterday and like it was so much longer ago. Life goes on and we keep going and it’s strange that she hasn’t been here to see things unfold.

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Moo with Me

Yes, moo. Lol. I was thinking about what song to write about today and I looked through several of my favorites–thanks, Snake, for making me try to come up with three favorites. I can’t come up with three. Music is totally dependent on my mood and I go from country to rock to show tunes to pop and all roads in the middle.

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I am writing this on Sunday even though it will be posted on Thursday because we are heading out of town. We are going to Las Vegas, aka Sin City, for a mini vacation and it got me thinking about some of the cool and really funny things that we’ve seen and done there.

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My first thought, being non-religious, was nope. We don’t do rituals. I tend to think of them as parts of the experience of religion which doesn’t really have a part in my life. Yes, I have a Christmas tree so I suppose that qualifies but it doesn’t feel ritualistic in my head.

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