Snake’s Body

Is amazing as you’ve seen and I love it. While I enjoy looking at attractive bodies, it doesn’t tend to correlate to sexual interest. I need to have that special connection to someone before that happens.

Results of Round Two of the Game

There have been memes and life and I haven’t had time to give the results of the second round. I’m sure it has been in the back of your brain, keeping you awake at night so, here goes….

Shall We Play A Game?

As you may (or may not) know, Charmer loves to integrate games into… activities.  She tends (tends?) to create rules around those games that just may favor her a bit.  Maybe. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out multiple renditions of the @^#@#^@ scrabble-esque games she’s done in the past.  There’s something about …

A Game [was] Afoot

Our recent weekend Scrabble challenge [and results] took place over Memorial Day weekend. See?  I can be involved in the challenge AND be patriotic.

Sinful Sunday #20 — Weekend Game

I started a game yesterday (read about it here) with Snake to set the date for his next orgasm. He’s pretty sure that he’s going to lose this one so thought that we’d just play with tiles–since he won’t be needing them…