Sinful Sunday #106 – Pensive

I don’t know if it’s “sitting and waiting” or “plotting and scheming” or “being coy.”   But this picture seems to wrap up all sorts of thing happening here in the Snake den.  Lots of thoughtful times and many different angles to life.

Sounds really ominous or deep, but really it’s just taking things one moment at a time and stepping off into the future.  🙂

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Sinful Sunday #104 – Fluid – Body Shots

Body Shots – mixing (and serving) the drink from there, right?  A little whiskey… a little more.  Sometimes it’s fun to make a mess… and of course the clean-up.

The prompt this month was “fluids” – it was very challenging to capture something in a still photo.  We’ve debated and talked about ideas since it was announced.  Interesting prompt indeed!

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Sinful Sunday #103 — Textures

There are times when the vision and the picture work like magic.  You set up, take the shot and it’s ready to go.  Snake had a vision of different textures that he was trying to get.  After moving two cats, changing clothes, changing angles and about a gazillion shots, I think he finally got it… This stuff is a lot of work sometimes.  And I know how much he hates taking pictures of me 🙂

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