I is for I Guessed Wrong (Part 8)

This is part 8 in an ongoing story, a segment by Charmer, a segment by Snake…

Part 1 (Hers)Part 2 (His)Part 3 (Hers)Part 4 (His)Part 5 (Hers)Part 6 (His), Part 7 (Hers)

He was in trouble, and he knew it. He hadn’t paid attention early on when she was talking about dinner places. Or, at least he assumed he hadn’t paid attention. He sure didn’t remember anything at all about it, that’s for sure. Gabe couldn’t for the life of him remember the conversation with any specifics. All he COULD remember were those legs, and the mental buttons she was busy pushing in his head.

He’d guessed at the Italian place since they so often loved going out for good Italian food.

He’d guessed wrong, clearly.

Even more to the point, he felt like a big buffoon for letting her down. He really wanted to have this whole weekend thing go really smoothly and was reveling in how she approached things, her attitude, her strength. He really didn’t want to blow it right out of the gate.

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H is for Headspace (Part 6 (His))

This is part 6 in an ongoing story, a segment by Charmer, a segment by Snake…
Part 1 (Hers)Part 2 (His)Part 3 (Hers)Part 4 (His), Part 5 (Hers)

Panic was flashing in his head. First, dashing outside, he just knew it wasn’t cool – she was pushing his buttons and he was trying to hide it in almost sneaking out.

But this whole thing – this change – was happening. Like, really happening. This was slipping in and out of what he’d imagined if they every did this type of thing. “This thing” – he didn’t know how to describe it, not really. He knew it flipped switches inside him that he didn’t really understand when she got like this, but right here, right now, in this ongoing… thing.

He was excited, thought he knew what way things would go, how she’d approach it, what she’d want, not want from him, from them, for herself. The simple fact was, she wasn’t hitting ANY of what he expected at this point. In fact, he’d not expected any of her approach. It was a side of her he had never seen.

He wanted to suggest ideas, but she had such a grin on her face. Sometimes, you could only sense it, sometimes you could actually see it, when he tried to steal a glance at her, just before she’d reminded him to look down, she had this… look. It was powerful as hell. Indescribable.

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S is for Shift

Part 1 (Hers), Part 2 (His), Part 3 (Hers)

The shifting attitude was subtle at first. In fact, it came across more as a confidence thing than anything else. It was really cool. Obviously, Bree had taken the time to set up all of the arrangements, had a plan (or at least a framework in mind), and was making sure that she maintained the direction and control. Even as they walked into the lobby, first motioning, then telling Gabe he needed to stay with the bags and wait.

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