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Sunrise, Sunset Bootcamp (2)

I really love these life out-takes. I learn, every single time, something more about how you’re thinking, and that whole “anticipatory service thing” we’ve read and talked about. I mean, it’s impossible, really, to know what you want and like until I’ve seen it. Tasted it. Done it.

But that’s also half the fun. Just when I think I’ve gone just far enough, that I don’t want to presume or whatever other excuse is on my mind, you up the ante or change the rules or just flat out stop something that has been a thing before, but now, simply won’t do.

Part 1

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Truth… or dare?

“What?!?” I ask… not really sure I even heard you right. Just out of the blue, sitting around binging that latest show, you turned and looked at me.

“I said, truth, or dare?” You hold my gaze, waiting.

I’m not sure I really want to play this game… In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to. Let’s be real. My history with games, and getting any kind of a win, is pretty slim.

“I don’t suppose I can pass?” I ask hopefully.

You giggle. “Nope.”

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Sunrise, Sunset Bootcamp (1)

Sometimes, it’s great to re-inject some new energy, some new rules, and some new unknowns into a relationship. Sometimes, it’s time for a sort of “BootCamp” – where you need to be more strict on key items, more active in some.

As we climb into bed for the night, you roll over and I hear you whispering. I can’t make it out, not quite, so I ask you what you said. You repeat it, still whispering.

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Busy Hands

They say idle hands are the devil’s playground. Or something like that.

She’d never really believed in that, but this might be a good jumping-off point in the conversation about to be had.

She slipped off her clothes and dipped her toes in the water to make sure the temperature was what she needed. “A bit cooler please,” she said and stood up just a bit to let him fix the temperature and stir the water in the tub. “There,” he says, offering her his hand to help her into the tub. “See if that’s better.”

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Enjoying the Pool…

It’s one of those amazing desert nights. The temperature is perfect, the wind is just this very slight breeze, the desert smells because of all of the blooms and plants that are soaking up the recent rains are just incredible. We’re sitting in the pool, just enjoying a glass of wine, talking, and watching the bats fly around, getting their early-evening feast.

“There’s one!” you whisper, and point to the west – I can just make him out against the incredible orange skies as the sun settles in and the last bits of color leave the sky.

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Slippery Little Devil: The One That Got Away

We finally scored a great table on the ship – right on the railing, all by ourselves, just taking time to relax and enjoy our dinner. It was a long day on the water, and the sunset is just the perfect end to the day.

We’ve been enjoying a glass or two of wine this evening, waiting for our table, and then sitting here, we have that perfect blend of attentive, but not around, service. It’s really great.

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Choosing My/Our 2022

I’ve been reading along with different people’s thoughts and ideas for 2022. Not necessarily resolutions, but just sort of setting the stage for how to approach the new year. I’m not sure why people do this at the end of the year (why not July 1?) or whatever, but here I am, doing the same, and feeling like it’s time for a different approach, right along with so many others.

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It Finally Happened… I Lost It

We have strict rules about O’s for me. Permission first. I guess I should say, a strict rule. That’s it, that’s the rule.

For 5 years in this D/sFLR, I’ve actually done really well and haven’t screwed up yet. Yes, she’s been known to force the issue when she feels like it and override my not letting things get too far, taking it from me, as it were. But just flat out getting it wrong? I’ve always been pretty proud about not crossing the proverbial line in the sand.

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It’s been a long, long day at work. We decided to head out and get some dinner, relax a little and try to unplug from the garbage that had gone down.

Dinner was good, the glass of wine was better.

As we head home, we decide to take the scenic route – through the foothills, through the more back-roads ways back to the house. We’re talking bout anything, and nothing. And we’re certainly not talking about work.

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