My Way

Today marks 10 years since my mom died. It weirdly seems like it was yesterday and like it was so much longer ago. Life goes on and we keep going and it’s strange that she hasn’t been here to see things unfold.

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My Attic

It is so hard to describe the crazy out of control feelings that you are sure that you are the only one who experiences and feel like a complete freak at time when reality doesn’t matter to your brain.

Or is that just me?

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You Found Me

It’s one of those fall days in the desert where it is still too hot to do anything outside that doesn’t involve a pool. We decide to go to up the mountain so we can take a hike because we’ve been tired of being stuck inside during the triple digit days.

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Lady in Red

You’ve been thinking about the red under the dress all night. I let you watch me dress, your favorite red bra, bikini and garters, all hidden just barely. You watched me cross my legs and bend and flirt and laugh, knowing what was hidden from sight.

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Frigid Can Be Fun…

As I knock my boots clear of the snow and wetness that seems to have completely saturated them, caking on to them, almost sneaking into all of the cracks and crevices, we look at each other and sneer first, then full on laugh, almost falling over.

You’re not really supposed to do THAT trail with the tubes, but hey, it wasn’t outright forbidden, we’d just endured a lot of whistling on the way down the hill, and not of the encouraging kind. But man o man. The adrenaline rush was undeniable.

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Of Safewords and Overload

Safewords are a funny thing. Pretty regularly you’ll see “It’s ok to safeword” on twitter, blogs and all of the places we collectively go to read, write and interact. This is critical, important, and something too many people consider leaving out of a D/s or kink scene. Beforehand, it’s easy to be swept up in the draw of a scene, or a relationship, or both.

But, in the heat of the moment, that’s NOT the time to be calling out “zucchini fries!!!!” at the top of your lungs, thinking it’s your safeword. Get that stuff established at the onset.

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After the Fun

It’s always amazing to me to step back, try to stay in that exact moment, just after. Maybe I’m odd. But in all of the frenzy of life, in all of the ins and outs of life, relationships, the noise… I find more and more that I focus on trying to stay present in important moments.

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