There are days when writing this blog is easy. Two or three posts will come out with no effort at all. Other times, I scan memes and other blog posts and I stare at a blank screen. Today, of course, is the latter.

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Sometimes, A Reset

It strikes me that this whole thing (this thing that we do, TTTWD) takes a LOT of heavy lifting at times. Sometimes it’s working out details. A lot of times it’s working to keep an open mind (we’re going to do WHAT??!) and other times, it’s being mindful that you’re trying to change your own behaviors along the way.

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From comment: “What makes you so special?”

We’ve not received the volume of negative comments that others do, for that, I’m not at all unhappy. But we did receive one the other day that actually had me thinking.

In essence, (paraphrased) “What makes you so special? FLR and D/s and these things all of you write about don’t make you better than (me) and I’m sick of reading about it. People without this aren’t less happy, less sexy, less (fill in the blank)… Stop dictating how people should live!”

In essence, SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

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Bodies are Weird. A Different Story of Betrayal – Body Betrayal.

It seems like I should have great control over my own body. I’ve always worked to have the strength (and will) to work through whatever I can foresee happening. Of course, that’s not a perfect goal, but it IS something I actively reach for. This runs the full range, from O-control to being able to do fancy-schmancy dance moves.

But this isn’t a fancy-schmancy dance moves kinda site, ya know? So you know where I’m headed…

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