Fear is a funky part of This Thing We Do. When you talk about how fear plays into your time with your partner, people immediately go to the idea of threats of pain, or getting in trouble for this or that – but if you think about it, it’s a much more core, more primal thing that plays a huge role in TTWD.

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Battle for Control

I’m not sure why I fight. I’m not sure why I even think I CAN fight.

But I do, nearly every time. Maybe it’s a fantasy of outlasting the evening, of showing what a master of control I can be. Of showing how I can “beat” her and not let her take the control from me.

I lose every. single. time.

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Construction Site (WW Prompt, first post on timeline)

The recent rains were brutal on the not-yet-paved roads out to the new lot. While I was really excited about the location, the truck was bouncing around so much that I am having second thoughts about how it is going to be when storms rolled through. I found that if I gunned it over the normal washboard stuff, it smoothed out.

You? You want me to gun it the entire way up the hill. Through the seemingly ocean-sized puddles, over the ravines, down the gullies. It’s like watching you ride a mechanical bull, hands in the air, grinning from ear to ear as I fight the steering and bouncing around.

It’s great!

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