Crossing the Line

It’s that look in your eyes that does it. It gives you away every time. I’ve explained it before, but we can be out and about, at a restaurant, at a bar, just walking around, exploring. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on – but I can look over and see that look – it’s all about being in that playful mood.

Depending on the situation, that can be a kid around thing, or it can be a “batten down the hatches” thing where I know things could get really edgy in a very short amount of time.

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Control Takes Many Forms

Perhaps not an explicit “fantasy” type of post, but the whole control thing has been one of the more intriguing (and hard to figure out at times) aspects of having a D/SFLR relationship.  It’s oddly a button for me, and it’s a button for Charmer – at opposing ends of the spectrum of course, so it’s been important to figure out.

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