A Tangle of Limbs

What is it about skin on skin?

It’s trusting.  It’s “real.”  It’s honest.  It’s intimate too, of course.  And damn.  Selfishly, there’s something about smoothly shaven legs.


See who else is being sinful – just click the lips below…

Sinful Sunday


6 thoughts on “A Tangle of Limbs

  1. So beautiful and intimate!!
    Mr Minx and I begin and end each and every day in this way because it reinforces our deep connection and bond. SIMPLE. VULNERABLE. HONEST. …and we can keep doing it no matter how old we grow together!
    And yes, freshly shaven legs are awesome…any time Mr Minx even suggests I skip shaving to shorten my shower time, I just LAUGH… he DOES know better 🙂

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