FPF – Tumbling Over the Finish Line

Feb Photo Fest is in the books.  It’s a blast to take part in this meme, and it’s so cool to see all the pictures people dream up on the different sites.  Make sure you click the lips below and check out the huge assortment of pictures.

It’s also a great excuse to mess with filters and angles and the image and all of that – to see what you can make of it.

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A Love/Hate Relationship With Changing Rooms

I really detest shopping for clothes.

No, really.

But, leave it to her to change things up and make it more… interesting.

Come on.  We’re going shopping for you.”  I grumble and groan, but gather my things and out the door we go to the mall.  I’m thinking it’s strange to go to the mall, we’re more of a “discount store down the street” kind of folks, but hey, I’m not calling the shots here.  I also notice you’re surprisingly dressed up… er, down for the event.  A sassy mini skirt and one of THOSE tops that shows a whole lot of cleavage.  I take it as a bribe and grin a bit.

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