That damn game.

If you know me.  At all.  You know I’m not an exhibitionist by any stretch of the imagination.  So, of course, when I continually biff the game that is going on at the moment, she decides that’s the button she’ll be pushing.

So, here, as a result of a required task, is commando-snake.  In a matter of speaking.

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Pain is Confusing

I’ve written before that pain is this thing that I, at least, have this love/hate relationship with.  It’s really odd to me that at times when things are NOT going on, it’s this “aw, that was so nice!” and then you think about these romanticized memories of what went on.

In reality, it was more like “Mother-trucker!  That hurt!!!  @#^%@#%

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Like a Music Recital

After the day is done, we are starting to wind down, or so I think, and you tell me it’s time to head back and get the cuffs and remove my cage.  I look at you with an odd look on my face.  The way you say it makes it seem like there’s an appointment or something along those lines.  If there is, I’m missing it.  I am, however, not complaining.

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Shall We Play A Game?

As you may (or may not) know, Charmer loves to integrate games into… activities.  She tends (tends?) to create rules around those games that just may favor her a bit.  Maybe.

If you haven’t seen it, you can check out multiple renditions of the @^#@#^@ scrabble-esque games she’s done in the past.  There’s something about making up words (sometimes with rules around the words) in the heat of the moment that just gets to me nearly every time.  Oh, and I *suck* at scrabble.  There’s that too.  So she gleefully rolls out the tiles and shakes the bag.  I know I’m in trouble.   (Here’s a link to different scrabble posts)

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