Collars are interesting – interesting in that they initially seem pretty light-handed in their usefulness, but then you find out that the symbolism combined with that usefulness can be huge.  And the impact it has on you mentally and even physically can be really quite strong as well.

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Crossing the Line

It’s that look in your eyes that does it. It gives you away every time. I’ve explained it before, but we can be out and about, at a restaurant, at a bar, just walking around, exploring. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on – but I can look over and see that look – it’s all about being in that playful mood.

Depending on the situation, that can be a kid around thing, or it can be a “batten down the hatches” thing where I know things could get really edgy in a very short amount of time.

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Control Takes Many Forms

Perhaps not an explicit “fantasy” type of post, but the whole control thing has been one of the more intriguing (and hard to figure out at times) aspects of having a D/SFLR relationship.  It’s oddly a button for me, and it’s a button for Charmer – at opposing ends of the spectrum of course, so it’s been important to figure out.

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No Flashlights!

It’s late and we’re wandering around, just taking in the incredible weather, chatting, playfully grabbing at each other as we go.  It’s so dark it’s spooky, but I guess that’s a good thing; it’s Halloween!  The different yard decorations, or at least those that are still lit at this early morning hour, are such fun to look at and as we’re wandering you keep teasing and I keep grabbing and in no time we’re both a hot mess of wanting to call it quits, but wanting it to go on for a bit as well… the tease is delicious.

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Blind Sensations

So, here’s the deal…” she says with that grin.  “With it being Halloween, we’re going to play a game with a mask so you can earn some additional play time…

My head: “whut?”

I should know better.  It’s just not ever simple.  She starts telling me what we’re doing – but I lose track because she’s coming at me with that full bondage hood mask we picked up a while ago.  It’s one of those stretchy, blindfold embedded, ear-muffling, fully head-covering masks.  I’m lost in the whole WTF of the situation.  Finally, I think to ask –

“Say what?!”

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…and Pause.

It’s a weird place to be, in that aftermath zone.  It’s weird, but it’s magic too.  When you’re spent, you’re allowing your mind to just be blank.  If you let your mind wander and think whatever it’ll think, it wanders to your body.  Your experiences.  Those sensations just experienced.

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Healing Waters

The prompt today is essentially “heal.”  We’re on a mini-vacation to the coast for a couple of days on the front end of a family trip – and as I was sitting here, peering out the windows at the grand sight below, I could just feel the harsher stuff of life peeling off.

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