Sinful Sunday #107 – Of Marks and Teeth

I still find myself dismayed and surprised by the mechanics of pain.  I’m not a full-on masochist… I don’t think (Charmer may think otherwise) but I have found that once I get past that initial bit starting off, things change.  It sounds almost, well, mental at times.

I mean, how can a hurt feel differently over a very short time?  I get the biology of it all.  I understand about all of that logically, but I still get surprised by it all.  At the start, incredibly difficult to tolerate.  After only a bit, I seek it out.

I have not perfected this by any stretch, and I still have to fight to stay a bit “present” because otherwise I could imagine tripping over the edge and getting more injured than hurt (to me, there’s a difference).

I’m not crazy.  I’m not bonkers.  I will say that it’s all very intriguing.  Here’s a look at part of the art of pain – about 1/3 of it in this case.  Knees to neck, what a strange, bizarre ride.


Sinful Sunday


9 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #107 – Of Marks and Teeth

  1. I have a similar relationship with pain. I always start off struggling and fighting it, but eventually my body/mind finds a place where it all balances out and then I can ride the crest of the sensation and it feels soooo damn good. Finding that balance can be tricky though. I however live for the marks and bruises and so will grit my teeth through the pain just to get my visual reward


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  2. Fighting the initial wave of pain seems to take forever for me; however, I know it is probably only minutes. On those rare occasions when the pain blends seamlessly with the erotic energy pulsing through my body creating a ruined orgasm…well that is special.

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