Challenge Day 31

The last day of the month so the final challenge…

Today’s challenge involves the college bowl games that are being played today.  Neither one of us really follow college football so it might have made it slightly more difficult for him to make his choices.  Without current rankings, of course.

Snake needs to win at least 2/4 first.  Then he has to put together the scores of my losing teams, which could in theory be 4/4 of the games, and that’s his goal of O’s for me.  If he reaches his goal, he gets a bonus O that doesn’t count against his ratio and he also gets to add my O’s to the ratio which is a bonus.

His choices for the games with my team in parentheses are:  LSU (Louisville), Georgia Tech (Kentucky), Alabama (Washington) and Clemson (Ohio State).

He’ll keep you updated throughout the day on his wins/losses.

Have a great New Year’s Eve and be safe.  And have some kinky fun!  Thanks for playing along with our challenge month.

Challenge Day 30

Snake did finish his closet yesterday so today that means…his dresser.  And after he finishes this, he has to post a pic of the massive amount of clothing that he is getting rid of.  My sexy husband has lost a lot of weight and had tons of clothes that were simply too big now.  Go him!!!

And for the sexy part…I want a sexy body rub tonight.  Because…well, I have done a lot of supervising this week and think that I need some pampering.  It’s hard work.  🙂

Happy Friday and happy boobday!

Challenge Day 29

Wow….almost to the end of the month.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to keep the challenges coming, so to speak, or that he would be able to fulfill them with the holiday crazies but here we are.

Today’s is another multi-part challenge.  Part one is going to the grocery store with me.  Not too hard.  He has to find an item beginning with the letter C to include in our Sinful Sunday pic that is unique.  That means no cucumbers!  You’ll see the results of that over the weekend.

Second is the rest of the closet.  He has to go through all of the hanging items and then we are finished.  Snake told me yesterday that he’ll never need clothes ever again with all of the ones he forgot that he had.  LOL.

Third is a gratuitous leg and butt shot posted online.  Just because I like it….

Have a great day

Challenge Day 28

Wednesday is…. Picture Day!  Today’s picture is a little bit of my art work.  Not my best masterpiece but it is fun.

In addition to the photo, Snake is responsible for chauffeuring me to and from my dance lesson and running a few errands while I’m there.

Finally, of course, you know that he only did part of his closet yesterday so I’ll be supervising while he cleans out the rest of his shelves today.  I’ll try not to work too hard…. 🙂

Challenge Day 27

There are a few components to today’s challenge—most of which aren’t sexy at all, but they are necessary and not my favorite things.

First, Snake is going to clean out the floor and one column of shelves in his closet.  I’ll be there to supervise (every job needs a supervisor, right?)  and to offer my advise.  This basically means that I will lay on the bed and direct…

Second, Snake is going to clean the bathrooms.  Naked of course….

Third, Snake is going to thaw and shell the shrimp for dinner.  I know, not exciting, but it’s a job that is just not my favorite thing to do.

And fourth?  He gets to be my canvas for my art project that you will get to see tomorrow….  Have a great day!

Challenge Day 26 – Response – Story – The Day After

This story is a response to the challenge for today’s December challenge, the final story of the challenge (though certainly not the final Fiction? posting here on the site).  Here’s a link to the challenge post.

You know, there is just one more present,” you say to me with a gleam in your eye.  I’m not sure what else there could be, we’re just finishing up from a weekend of family, presents and food.  So much food.  So many people.

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Challenge Day 26

Hope everyone had a good weekend and celebrated in some way…and will get a little time off to enjoy family and friends.

So…another Snake story day.  Today’s story will be written…today.  Instead of using a setting or a word or whatever, he needs to write what he hopes to happen on the day after Christmas.  And if he’s good, maybe he’ll get at least part of his wish come true…


Challenge Day 25

For those who celebrate it–Merry Christmas!  And for everyone else–hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

We’ll be at Snake’s parent’s house for Christmas dinner.  And, honestly, what’s more fun than a little naughtiness when you are with family?  So, today, Snake has to tweet out two different naughty pics of himself that I can tell were taken there.  One is just too easy to get away with….


Challenge Day 24

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house…

Snake’s challenge today is to rewrite the first sentence of this traditional story in a kinky Christmas poem.  [Yes, Snake, the ENTIRE first sentence]  Quick and easy since we’re off to the movies for our annual Christmas Eve day followed by take out pizza.  Yes, we do have some unique traditions.

Enjoy your day and take some time out for your own kinky traditions…

Challenge Day 23

So, last night Snake did finish his wrapping if you didn’t see the tweet.  His “reward” was 55 minutes to give me as many O’s as he could to improve our ratio.  The ratio determines when his next O is.  The results?  He managed 36 and upped the ratio to 60:1, in my favor, of course….  As for what his ratio has to be–that will have to remain a mystery for now.

Today’s challenge is tied to yesterday.  I feel like it’s only fair for him to have some fun too.  He will be uncaged today and he needs to be edged 36 times by the end of the day either by him or me.  He will be tweeting out his progress during the day in the form of total completed/36 so you can keep track.

Happy Friday and happy #boobday!

Challenge Day 22

Today’s challenge is all about earning play time for Snake.  First, he needs to procure the last gift certificate that we need for a present and tweet out a pic verifying that it has been purchased.  And second, he has to do some wrapping tonight for gifts for his family.  There are, by my count, 11 to wrap.  And he can only use a maximum of 5 gift bags.  He’ll have to tweet out a pic of the finished work.

The number that he finishes determines how long he gets the honor of giving me O’s.  Yes, it’s very good for me.  But, it’s also very good for him because it raises the ratio and gets him that much closer to his own elusive O.  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see how long he earned and how much he raised his ratio by….

Happy Thursday–hope you have some of your own kinky fun today!

Challenge Day 21

Another Snake picture day…. I do love these days.  Today’s challenge is for him to use the lights from the Christmas tree in his photo somehow.  Because, you know, we finally put it up.  Never let it be said that the Snake household is organized at holidays.

Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.  Happy Hump Day!

Challenge Day 20

Time for another song challenge…. The song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is one of the silly favorites around here.  Today Snake needs to rewrite the chorus in a kinky way…  No, not with the hippo…

Challenge issued…

Challenge Day 19 – Story Post – Movie Theater

We’ve had a great evening just goofing off – dinner, a little running around to different sites, just relaxing stuff.  You decide you’d like to go cap it off with a movie… and I look at you like you’ve lost your mind.  But you’re just ignoring me!  I’m doing my best to give you a “whaaaaaaa?” look when you start talking about movies as you scan your phone for tickets.

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Challenge Day 19

Another Monday which, of course, means another story from Snake.  Today’s challenge is to use a movie theatre as a setting.  Thanks to our friend dinaswag for her idea and help!

Can’t wait to see what he writes today…

Challenge Day 18

Friday was a front flash so thought that I would give equal time to the other side.  Today’s challenge is for an underwear picture of Snake’s very nice booty.

Hope you enjoy!