Picture: Wrought Iron and Leather II

Had some fun continuing this series – I really love textures – and as I mentioned before one of my hot buttons is the strength of leather and metal.  Just something about it, ya know?

Do you realize how much has changed since you found these new areas of your life?  For example, “hmmm…. nice headboard and foot board and hey!  Attachment points that look like they’ll hold well.”  🙂

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Ratios. And Forcing the Issue.

As you lay back and pull me to you, you draw my lip into your mouth as we kiss – nipping at me, biting, kissing, releasing and pulling me back to you for more.  One of my favorite things is kissing you, which seems… odd for a dude maybe, but it is, and has always been, a huge hot-button for me.

You take advantage of that so frequently.  It doesn’t take much – from your tongue dancing around in my mouth, to pulling mine into yours to small bites and more substantial chomps, you know exactly how to get my attention, and I, yours.

Your neck.

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