Sinful Sunday #52 — Legs

This week marks one full year of doing Sinful Sunday… This was the first one.  We have had a lot of fun playing with different ideas, different techniques, different prompts and so much more.  Struggled to get the “right” image a lot of the time.  But it has been a great experience and we’re looking forward to another year or 10….



Sinful Sunday

38 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #52 — Legs

  1. Molly runs some great memes. I’m thinking of participating in Kink Of The Week, but I think my photoplay days are behind me. I’ve enjoyed viewing your photos this year though, and look forward to more. 🙂 So lovely to have found something you both enjoy!

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  2. Wow – my favorite shot this week! I love the noir feeling to this picture; your gams are sexy as hell, and the framing with your hair falling in the foreground and that peek of nipple is just… phew.

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  3. Yay for a whole year of Sinful Sunday and to many many more. I love your images, your imaginative and creative and you have a great eye. I look forward to seeing lots of that over the next year


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