38 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #47 — Pin Up Play

  1. I think this is a cracking image in both forms but I am wondering if you would be up for sending me the highest resolution version you have and letting me have a little play with it…. I have a couple of ideas which might give you an edit that is closer to the pinup look.


  2. Ooh, being a pin up model is such a great idea for a photo! These are amazing!! I vote for the colour one – your skin looks so warm and the colours are so inviting. Xxx

  3. First, I like both of these a lot. Second, I think if you had really saturated the color in the color image it would have read more pin-up to me. Mostly these read classic boudoir to me and I love that about them. The vignetting is perfect.

  4. you look exquisite!!
    love the way you show the pics in two different colors, the black and white gives it a vintage sort of look.
    great job

  5. Wow! This picture is so sexy!! Normally black and white is my go to for most pics but I really like the colour version best! I just love the look of your thighs 💗
    Very hot!

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