Choosing My/Our 2022

I’ve been reading along with different people’s thoughts and ideas for 2022. Not necessarily resolutions, but just sort of setting the stage for how to approach the new year. I’m not sure why people do this at the end of the year (why not July 1?) or whatever, but here I am, doing the same, and feeling like it’s time for a different approach, right along with so many others.

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It Finally Happened… I Lost It

We have strict rules about O’s for me. Permission first. I guess I should say, a strict rule. That’s it, that’s the rule.

For 5 years in this D/sFLR, I’ve actually done really well and haven’t screwed up yet. Yes, she’s been known to force the issue when she feels like it and override my not letting things get too far, taking it from me, as it were. But just flat out getting it wrong? I’ve always been pretty proud about not crossing the proverbial line in the sand.

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It’s been a long, long day at work. We decided to head out and get some dinner, relax a little and try to unplug from the garbage that had gone down.

Dinner was good, the glass of wine was better.

As we head home, we decide to take the scenic route – through the foothills, through the more back-roads ways back to the house. We’re talking bout anything, and nothing. And we’re certainly not talking about work.

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Hand me that tape…

It’s always the same, always looking for the tape, the ribbon, the scissors. It seems like no matter where you put them, she has moved them just a bit out of reach. It’s almost a game to re-find them between packages.

We’re wrapping and sipping and enjoying the fire and this strangely relaxed evening of package prep, getting ready for the holidays and family and all that.

I *hate* wrapping. I’m not good at it, and she’s always responsible for making the packages look passable once they’re beyond “but they have paper on them now anyway” stage. Ribbons? Bows? Frilly decoration-thingies? Forget it.

But, of course, you DO know how to incentivize. “For every package you wrap, we’ll play strip-wrapping – I’ll remove one piece of clothing of my choice.” This. This has me fully engaged in this process, I must admit.

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How Fast…

We turn over the in bed and she snuggles into me. It’s a lazy morning, she’s fiddling with my cage, or at least as much as she can. I mean, it’s morning. And the cage is much, much less mobile than many other times right at the moment.

I growl as I come awake, and grin at her. Her head is on my chest, she’s looking at me and squeezing… just so. It feels amazing and aggravating.

It’s been a loooooooooong run. And she’s been doing everything from edging marathons to other types of play and it’s piling on a bit. I’m at that tipping point between aggravation and frustration of the good kind.

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What 2021 Has Taught Me

A decidedly non-sexy post, but certainly have learned a lot on that front as well.

2021 has been brutal, awful, intense, crazy, wild, all of those things, up and down, for so many people. It’s hard to over-state the impact this time has had of course, and we certainly didn’t escape the roller-coaster either. From the societal changes to the loss of loved ones to changing relationships with friends and family and so much more.

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