Sinful Sunday #106 – Pensive

I don’t know if it’s “sitting and waiting” or “plotting and scheming” or “being coy.”   But this picture seems to wrap up all sorts of thing happening here in the Snake den.  Lots of thoughtful times and many different angles to life.

Sounds really ominous or deep, but really it’s just taking things one moment at a time and stepping off into the future.  🙂

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Sinful Sunday #104 – Fluid – Body Shots

Body Shots – mixing (and serving) the drink from there, right?  A little whiskey… a little more.  Sometimes it’s fun to make a mess… and of course the clean-up.

The prompt this month was “fluids” – it was very challenging to capture something in a still photo.  We’ve debated and talked about ideas since it was announced.  Interesting prompt indeed!

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Unexplained Absence

Yes, I know…excluding pictures we have dropped off the blogosphere.  And even our pictures have been absent some weeks.

Why?  Life.  And more precisely me.  Without getting into a lot of details, I pulled a muscle about two years ago that decided to start being a nuisance last October and by April had sidelined me from almost everything.  Apparently when I was nursing the pulled muscle, I changed my stance and messed up my back.  When that happened, I stopped moving which messed up my piriformis and all hell broke loose.

I had to stop just about everything that I love doing and just recover.  No dance.  No weight lifting.  Play was pretty much out of the question.  It sucked.  It beyond sucked.  I stopped feeling like me because I couldn’t do what made me “me.”  Snake has done so much and put up with so much, particularly raging, that he deserves a medal.

BUT…slowly, I am getting back into stuff.  We are dancing again and have a performance next month.  I am getting back to weight lifting and even got to use the “big girl plates” for the first time yesterday.   I can function again which was just the barest glimmer of hope in June.

And we are starting to be able to play again.  Not where we were, but I can now see that we can get there.  And I want to get there, which wasn’t even on my radar when everything hurt.

So, we will be back blogging soon.  And I just wanted to tell my amazing husband thank you for being there and being my support and my cheerleader and my coach.  I love you ❤